Coastal Bend Menu Guide

Coastal Bend Menu Guide

City Diner

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424 E. Commerce St.

San Antonio, TX 78205- Map

(210) 223- 6692


Served from 7:00am – 11:0am

Country Breakfasts

Includes hash browns or grits, and toast or biscuits.

#1 one egg

A. with ham, bacon or sausage

# 2 two eggs

A. with ham, bacon or sausage

From the Griddle

#3 Potato Pancakes

A. with Twin, bacon or sausage
B. with two eggs
C. two eggs, ham, bacon or sausage

#4 Light Pancakes

A. with ham, bacon or sausage
B. with two eggs
C. two eggs, ham, bacon or sausage

French Toast

A. with ham, bacon or sausage
B. with eggs
C. two eggs, ham, bacon or sausage

Papa Fritz Breakfast

Two eggs, bratwurst, hash browns or grits, toast, biscuits or muffins and coffee, small milk or juice.

From the Bakery

Biscuits with jelly
Toast with jelly muffin
Cinnamon roll
Biscuits with sausage and gravy
Apple streussel

Side Orders

Bacon, ham or sausage
Hash browns or grits
Cream cheese and toasted bagel
Fresh fruit cup
Bowl of oat meal

Daily Lunch Specials

Served with rye bread and iced tea or coffee


Beef stew, green beans and cole slaw


Corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes


Meatloaf, whipped potatoes green peas


Chicken and dumplings, green peas, carrot salad


Roast beef, gravy, whipped potatoes green beans


Hamburger steak, mushroom gravy, choice of 2 sides

Hot or Cold Plates

Served with rye bread, choice of side order and you can also add cup of soup.

Hot/Cold Bratwurst
Hot/Cold Cheddarwurst
Hot/Cold Knockwurst
Hot/Cold Braunsweiger Liver
Hot/Cold Turkey
Hot/Cold Polska Kielbasa
Hot/Cold German Knackwurst
Any Hot/Cold Sausage Combo
Hot/Cold Corned Beef
Hot/Cold Ham
Hot/Cold Ham Shank
Hot/Cold Beef Tongue
Hot/Cold Pastrami
Hot/Cold Franks

Deli Sandwiches

Add a cup of soup to any sandwich; lettuce and tomato upon request


Liver, Hard Salami, Corn Beef, Pastrami, Smoked Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Knockwurst, Bacon, Tongue


Swiss, Chedder, Monterrey Jack, Provolone, Pepper Jack, Horseradish, Pimento, Muenster, American, Butterkase


Rye, White, Sour Dough, Croissant, French Roll, Bagel, Jewish Rye

Meat and Cheese only Sandwich also available

Schilo’s Favorites

** Indicates Schilo’s Most Popular Items

Add a cup of soup to any item below


Corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese on grilled rye bread

Grilled Ham & Cheese

Smoked ham topped with swiss cheese on rye with chips

Papa Fritz

Ham, turkey swiss and American on rye with potato salad and a cup of soup

Tuna Salad or Chicken Salad Croissant

Croissant filled with tuna salad or chicken salad, mayo celery, lettuce and tomato with chips


Salami, turkey, pastrami, American, swiss, jack, lettuce, and tomato with chips


Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on toasted white bread with chips

Lox & Bagel

Smoked salmon with cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, purple onion on a toasted bagel

Polish Neighbor

Polish Sausage on a toasted bun with a deviled egg and a cup of soup

Kraut Dog

Frank on a toasted bun with kraut and served with hot German potato salad


Croissant filled with cucumber, cream cheese, sprouts, lettuce & tomato, with fruit cup

Patty Melt

Hamburger on grilled rye with swiss, bacon and chips

**Schilo’s Burger

Large patty on  a French roll, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and chips

Schilo’s Sampler

Your choice of any three sausages and any two cheeses

**Potato Pancakes

German potato pancakes served with homemade applesauce


Breaded and pan fried pork loin with choice of side

** Indicates Schilo’s Most Popular Items

Evening Menu Specialties

Served after 5 p.m. – served with choice of soup or salad, choice of two side orders, rye bread & butter


Breaded and fried pork loin


Veal and pork sausage

Jaeger Schnitzel

Breaded pork loin with mushroom gravy


German chopped sirloin with mushroom gravy


Roast sirloin with sweet &sour gravy

Vienna Paprika Chicken

Sliced chicken breast, noodles w/paprika gravy


Kids Under 10 – Drinks and Chips Included:

Hot Dog

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Grilled Cheese



Ranch, Italian, Thousand Island,  Honey Mustard, Fat Free Honey Dijon, Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Poppy Seed

Garden Salad

Lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber,  carrot, purple onion

Tuna Salad Delight

Tuna, mayo, celery on leaf lettuce, with pasta salad and fruit cup

Fruit Salad

Seasonal fresh fruit in poppy seed dressing with muenster and swiss cheese

Schilo’s Chef Salad

Large garden salad topped with ham, turkey, swiss, egg

Chicken Supreme Salad

Chicken,  mayo, celery, on leaf lettuce with pasta salad and fruit cup


Served with rye bread and butter

Famous Split Pea

Vegetable Beef

Soup of the Day

Side Orders

Cole Slaw
Peas & Carrots
Fruit Cup
Deviled Eggs
Home Fries (after 5p.m)
Pasta Salad
Green Beans
Hor or Cold
German Potato Salad
Red Cabbage
Whole Sliced Dill
Cottage Cheese


** Indicates Schilo’s Most Popular Items

a la mode available

**Homemade cheesecake – w/ cherries or strawberries
Blackberry Cobbler
Apple Pie
Miss Irma’s Apple Streussel
Fruit of the Forest Pie
Fudge Nut Brownie
Vanilla Ice Cream

Beer & Wine


Lonestar Budweiser, Budlight


St. Pauli, Paulaner, Pilsner Urguell, Warsteiner

On Tap

Shiner Bock, Spaten, Spaten Optimator


Chardonnay, Liebfraumilch, Merlot


** Indicates Schilo’s Most Popular Items

**Our Famous Root Beer  (one free refill on root beer)

Sodas, Lemonade, Coffee, Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate

Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Grapefruit, V-8 Juice

Chocolate Milk , Whole Milk, Skim Buttermilk